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What is After School Nightmare?Edit

After School Nightmare (放課後保健室 Hōkago Hokenshitsu?, literal translation "After School Infirmary") is a shoujo drama, psychological, and fantasy manga created by Setona Mizushiro. The story revolves around Mashiro Ichijo, a 'half-boy, half-girl' high school student. He goes to a dream class to work out which gender he should choose in an extra-curricular dream class. He also has to work out two relationships that don't work out, one with Sou Mizuhashi and one with Kureha Fujishima. The manga was published by (in Japan) Akita Shoten, and the English publisher is Go! Comi. It has 10 tankobon volumes!


Mashiro Ichijo is popular with the girls in his school due to his kindness and appearance, yet he never gets close to anyone as he is adamant on keeping a secret hidden: he is neither fully female, nor fully male. While the upper half of his body is gentically male, his lower half is female. Due to this he struggles with his gender identity.

Upon meeting a mysterious Nurse, Ichijo is introduced to a new class, yet in order to graduate they have to go into a world of dreams to find a key and compete with other classmates to find it. 


Ichijo Mashiro (一条 真白 Ichijō Mashiro?) is the main character in this series.

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